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Techno T-Grid™ Ceiling Suspension System

Suspension Details


System Specification:

  • The ceiling suspension system shall be Techno T-Grid Ceiling System.
  • The body of the grid section shall be made of hot dip galvanized steel with a zinc coating.
  • The exposed flange of the grid section shall be 24 mm or 15 mm wide depending on the type of ceiling tileto be used. It is made by the process of hot dip galvanized steel capping.
  • The white finish applied shall be factory-coated with a polyester coating thickness of 25 microns.

Main Runner Specification:

  • Main runner shall be 38/32m high and of double web design with rectangular bulb.
  • Main runner length can be either 3600 mm or 3000 mm depending on the site.
  • Main runner shall be equipped with a effective self-locking (plug in) device which can be joined firmly to for a continuous straight line.
  • Hanger holes shall be round and punched on the web of the main runner at interval of 150mm (6").
  • Cross tee slots shall be accurately punched on the web at 150mm (6") o.c.
  • The main runners shall be suspended at every 1200 mm (centre to centre).

Cross Tee Specification:

  • Cross Tee shall be 27mm high and of double web design with reinforcing bulb
  • Cross Tee length can either 1200 mm or 600 mm depending on the ceiling tile to be used
  • The Cross tee shall be flat and in plane with the flange of the main runners after insertion

Wall Angle Specification:

  • Wall angle shall be made in L shaped of 24mm x 20mm/20mm x 14mm and with a factory-coated exposed surface

Hanger Wires::

  • The Wire is made by Galvanized iron
  • Wire diameret is 1.5/2.0 mm or it can be a rod of 4.0 mm diameter

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