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Techno T-Grid™ Ceiling Suspension System

Silhouette system

  • Improved, easier to install
  • Works with any tiles of size 600 x 600mm
  • Appropriate corrosion resistance for interior environments
  • The industry standard of compatibility: acoustical tile, light fixtures and air diffusers
  • Seismic and fire resistive designs
  • Demountable designs
  • Unique designs in offices, hotels, retail spaces, schools, entertainment facilities, controlled environment facilities, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, clean manufacturing areas, healthcare, food processing, and precision instrument assembly rooms
  • Eco-friendly

Technical Details:

  • Main Runner Size: 32mm x 15mm x 3000mm
  • Cross Tee Size: 32mm x 15mm x 600mm
  • Wall Angle Size: 22mm x 15mm x 3050mm
  • Sheet Thickness: 0.35 mm


  • Material: High quality hot dipped Galvanized Iron Sheet
  • Coating: 120gm/sq meter zinc coating
  • Wall angle: 0.45mm thick GI precoated white (polyester coating) on one side black color /premier on other side
  • Suspension Details: Click here


  • Fast, tight installations
  • Modification can be easily done after installation
  • Demountable systems allow for quick access to large work areas above the ceiling
  • Global compatibility and availability
  • Cost control
  • Sustainable: 100% post consumer recycled content, 100% locally recyclable, global/regional manufacture
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